HOA Board Responsibilities: A Brief Guide

HOA Board Responsibilities: A Brief Guide

Homeowners' associations can be a benefit to the community, offering amenities that can make life easier. HOAs are often made up of volunteer members who form the committees and boards.

HOAs are important for maintaining the quality of living in many communities and require the members to be committed to upholding the bylaws and rules of the community. It's also important that members of an HOA board know exactly what their responsibilities are.

Read on for a guide that will outline the common responsibilities of HOA board members.

Oversee Finances and Records

HOA board members have to be responsible for the finances and records of the community. This means creating an annual budget, setting and collecting dues, and publishing financial records.

Outside of financial records, the board has to maintain meeting minutes and legal documents, publishing those for transparency as well. HOA management companies can help create an organized system to oversee finances and records.

Conduct Maintenance and Repairs

HOA property maintenance is a major responsibility. The HOA is in charge of landscaping and maintenance of common areas and community amenities. This means overseeing repairs, hiring professional landscapers, and scheduling routine maintenance to keep the community looking its best.

Rule Enforcement

The HOA board sets the rules to create the kind of community that residents want to live in. However, HOA board members must also be willing to uphold and enforce the rules for themselves and other residents.

If a resident is not following the HOA rules, it is the job of the board to enforce and communicate the violations swiftly.

Make Decisions

HOA board members make decisions on behalf of the community, from community rules to service provider contracts. HOA board members should be decisive while also understanding what residents in the community want for the neighborhood they live in.

Legal Compliance

There are many local and state laws that HOAs must follow to be in compliance. Because of this, HOA board members must have a good understanding of the law.

Professional association property management can help HOAs stay compliant with local ordinances, state laws, and federal regulations.

Communicate and Engage with Residents

HOA board members may be in a leadership position, but they are still members of the community. They should engage with residents and advocate for them to be a part of the community. They should also communicate quickly and effectively with the community, especially about decisions, updates, or policy changes.

Responsibilities of HOA Board Members

An HOA has a responsibility to the community to maintain the quality of life and the appearance of the neighborhood. The volunteers who make up the board have to be dedicated to creating and enforcing the set guidelines.

Every HOA board member should be aware of their responsibilities to the HOA and the community. Association management professionals can help HOA board members do their job better.

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