The Surprising Benefits of HOA Management Services in the Greater Chicago Area

The Surprising Benefits of HOA Management Services in the Greater Chicago Area

Between chasing down member fees and scheduling maintenance, "volunteering" for your HOA board can become a full-time job fast. There aren't enough hours in the day to manage the community, raise a family, and work. With help from an HOA management company, you don't have to handle it all alone.

Not convinced you need HOA management services for your Chicago community? Read on to discover the benefits of HOA management first.

After reading this guide, you can make an informed choice regarding your community's growth!

Ensure Compliance

Every homeowner's association has its own set of rules, regulations, and laws that all members must follow. As a volunteer, it can feel uncomfortable to enforce these laws on friends and neighbors.

Your HOA manager can step in to ensure all members comply on behalf of the board. They'll also ensure there's no conflict of interest. Instead, they'll make sure your community operates harmoniously.

Financial Administration

Fewer than two in three HOA residents don't feel their board honestly handles the finances. Unfortunately, HOA associations have increased dues by as much as 300% over the past year. As a volunteer, asking friends and neighbors for more money can feel uncomfortable.

Your community doesn't have to leave the finances to inexperienced volunteer board members. Instead, rely on professional financial administration services.

As a third party, your HOA manager doesn't have a conflict of interest. They can handle disputes between members, note delinquencies, and collect late fees. They'll even help you discover ways to save money.

Community Appeal

About 99% of realtors say curb appeal can help homeowners get a higher price on the market, adding between 7 and 14% to the sale price. Improving the community's curb appeal can boost property values.

It can also help you attract new homeowners.

One of the benefits of HOA management is gaining access to professional connections. Your HOA manager will know of the best vendors in Chicago. They'll hire trained, reliable, trustworthy contractors at the best possible prices.

These services will boost the community's appearance and cut down restoration and replacement costs.

Legal Expertise

Housing laws are constantly changing. If your community isn't up-to-date, you could fall behind with new laws and procedures. You could encourage legal issues, including lawsuits and fines.

Your HOA management can keep track of these laws for you. Their legal advisors can help you navigate complex legal issues.

Free Up Time

Your volunteer board members are already stretched thin. Hiring an HOA manager will save them valuable time.

Hiring an HOA management company helps with fostering community connectivity. Volunteers can focus on being a part of the community, rather than running it.

Use HOA Management Services Today

HOA management services can save you valuable time, money, and effort. Your volunteers don't have to handle everything alone. Instead, help your community thrive this year!

With help, you can learn how to grow a community with professional resources.

PMI Chicago Metroplex is an experienced community association management company. We build value in our communities through superior services and support. Contact us today to experience the benefits of HOA management firsthand!